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Lectures (2nd Emirates Allergy and Clinical Immunology Conference)


The Global Burden of Allergy -

Prof. Mohamed Abuzakouk

The Debate All Patients with Cough Need Allergy Testing - Dr. Shuayb Elkhalifa and

Dr. Said Isse

New Frontiers in Immunodeficiency -

Prof. Ahmed Aziz Bousfiha

Anaphylaxis Update - Dr. Fadhel Al Sabbagh

Perioperative Hypersensitivity Assessment - Dr. Fulvio Salvo

When to Suspect HAE Unrecognised Potential Killer - Dr. Shuayb Elkhalifa

Advances in HAE Biologicals - Dr. Iman Nasr

Living with HAE Patient Testimonial -

Rashad Matraji

Eczema and Food Allergy What is the Relationship - Dr. Stuart Carr

Food Immunotherapy and Early Intervention - Dr. Inmaculada Cerecedo

Food Allergy Intervention Through Intestinal Microbiome - Prof. Amer Azaz

A Transformational Approach to Managing Fel d1, the Major Cat Allergen - Lisa Timoner

Skin Manifestations of Systemic Diseases - Dr. Raghda AlMaashari

Challenges and Treatment Options in Atopic Dermatitis - Dr. Meera AlAdawi

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